At Arlation, we offer consultation on three main areas; Translation, TV post production services and Culture.

  • Translation

At Arlation, our motivation to achieve excellence in the novel industry of digital entertainment and gaming is transferred to our clients. We offer comprehensive consulting services on game translation and localization that make it possible for companies to focus on creating world-class games that could attract millions, engaging with their customers, and growing their sales.

We also offer consulting services on linguistic and written translation ad evaluation of its quality, which is paramount to projecting a reputable corporate image and successful communication of companies. Our editorial team is matched with your manuscript, according to their specialization, guaranteeing correctness and faultless structure and style.

Our experience goes beyond that to include offering advice on commissioning translation, recruiting and training translators and talents, streamlining guidelines, processes and procedures, and administrative, legal and financial advice pertaining to the industry.

  • Television and Film Post-Production

As pioneers in the market, we offer consultation on the post production process. This encapsulates selection criteria for commissioning a subtitling and dubbing house, ground rules and concrete steps to establishing a subtitling and dubbing department, and the best equipment needed.

In regards to human resources, we offer guidance on capacity building, training and skills development to editors, sound engineers, technicians, and many others to make sure that the last step in television and video production, such as enhancing the video, editing raw footage to cut scenes, inserting transition effects, editing the sound track, audio-visual effects, and more is simply perfect.

  • Culture

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people” – Mahatma Gandhi

Culture is a diverse and sensitive matter that could irrevocably harm your business if not carefully considered. Therefore, we provide consultations on the Arab culture, language, mentality, social norms and key issues to help you achieve memorable and remarkable impact. In every consultation and aspect, our team of experts who have worked with a multitude of clients provides a holistic, tailored and seamless service that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.