At Arlation’s studios in Egypt and Jordan, the attention to detail and quality of work is unparalleled. The two language (Arabic/English) facilities focus on localizing a script’s dialogue from one language into another, every time, on time and on budget.

Our vast experience covers TV series and films dubbing, marketing videos and spots, video games, animations, documentaries, educational programs and much more. Our dedicated and creative talents make dubbing as easy and fun as a jingle, done fluently and accurately. Our services exceed execution to advise and guide on selecting the most appropriate and authentic accent for the market depending on the content whether Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Syrian Arabic, Lebanese Arabic or even Classical Arabic.

The meticulous post production completed with the most advanced equipment and technology, and bullet-proof workflow allow you to capitalize on your profits, maximize your sales, reach your target audience around the world and boost your brand presence.