A winning game is a combination of a compelling storyline, thrilling music, flashy animations and engaging language. If one of these components is missing, the game is just not the same.

At Arlation, we believe that it is imperative to provide accurate, consistent, clear and fun translations that conform to the cultural norms and nuances of each local market, all while maintaining the soul of the game.

This is Localization and this is our game.Adapting games with their content, graphics and sounds to different Arab cultures is a highly specialized task that requires mastering the language, understanding the culture, and familiarity with history.

Ultimately, this reflects positively on your target audience in terms of brand acceptance and loyalty.

Our native-speaking translators, along with our quality assurance professionals, dubbing specialists, voiceover talents, experienced engineers, and specialized project managers all work together to deliver an exceptional localized game, that will leverage your investments and guarantee a wider and deeper reach to global markets.

We offer our game localization to Middle Eastern and North African Arab Countries, taking heed of cultural nuances, terminology correctness, consistency and appropriateness, so that all gamers feel that games were developed in their mother tongue and in accordance to their culture.