proof reading and editing service

Proof-Reading and Editing

Whether you are a game localizer with too many projects lined up, an acquisition manager with TV programming hours to QC, an author looking for a sharp critical eye to review your novel or play, a business professional wrapped in a tight schedule that does not allow you to proofread your presentations, press releases, white papers or reports, or a researcher with little time to edit, reference check or format your paper, Arlation can do the job for you.

Our elite editorial team enjoys a vast experience in different game genres, and is paired with thorough and broad resources. The projects, ranging from a simple manuscript to one of the most popular localized games, are matched with our associates, according to specialization. As a leader in the Middle East and North Africa market, not only do we guarantee confidentiality, but a smooth visual enjoyed without flaws and a document read sans grammatical mistakes, spelling errors or stylistic faults.