In a world where language is expected to cross borders, subtitling with precision while capturing the essence, humor and style of the original dialogue is imperative.

At Arlation, a leading subtitling company operating in the Middle East, we have subtitled millions of words covering different topics of documentaries, comedies, action-packed films, time-honored classics, television series, horror shows as well as dramas and historical and educational programs.

Our in-house and freelance associates are native speakers, experienced and accustomed to handling large volumes, at high speed, while safeguarding quality. They also undergo extensive training to ensure that our high standards are met at all times. Our editing, proof-reading, quality assurance systems and procedures are streamlined to guarantee a customer-centered product of outstanding quality.

The up-to-date software and tools at Arlation allows for converting different types of files and formats, time captioning, with the highest technical and linguistic standards.

Our list of partners includes some of the most internationally renowned and affluent terrestrial and extraterrestrial television stations as well as various production houses across the world.