“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter — it’s the difference between lightning and a lightning bug” -Mark Twain

The power of words cannot be undermined, in fact, and as Twain said, right words can change the world. It is this realization that drove us to cater to the needs of partners aiming at streamlining their content, reaching global markets and amplifying their profits.

Our talented linguists are trained to apply and adhere to the best practices in translating English to Arabic and vice versa while upholding accuracy and rendering the meaning of the original text. Their skills are manifested through transforming the source text to the native desired language and remaining faithful to the original text. Being native speakers and experts, cultural adaptation and appropriateness is rendered great attention. Our last stop in the quality assurance is rigorous proofreading the text by subject matter specialists, who seamlessly refine the text to sound as if it were written in the translated language. This also entails terminology verification, consistency, validation, and technical formats.Our pool of specialists cater to different types of translations from marketing communication, to academic literature, medical and legal documents, and technical translations while preserving the spirit and tone of the source text.

Stemming from our understanding of different industries and business fields, we have established partnerships with numerous clients spanning over many years with millions of words translated. With this capacity and portfolio, an accurate, smooth, cost effective and speedy translation, is guaranteed.