Who We Are

Arlation is a growing service provider in the industry of localization and language. We offer every one of our partners state-of-the-art visual and audio communication solutions.

Our team of avid game enthusiasts, knowledgeable translators, experienced proofreaders, talented video editors and creative artists, make sure that adaptation to cultural norms enhances the fun of video gaming in each local market.

At Arlation, a project manager is assigned to each project, at every stage, facilitating effective communication, timely delivery, unmatched quality and customized support through numerous sub-divisions covering different areas of media translation, so that every piece falls into place, like a perfect game of Tetris!

Since its foundation, Arlation has been led by a group of business-oriented linguists, with a passionate heart for translation, game localization and subtitling, an intelligent mind for business, and an ambitious, persistent soul for distinction.  The outcome is manifested in one of the leading companies in the Middle East, with a reputation speaking only of excellence. And as innovation is one of our values, we thought of molding “Arabic and Localization” into Arlation; a new word representing a world of leading localized video games. A world where Arab video gamers will immerse themselves in fun that has a meaning because we always convey the correct message!