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Arlation is a growing service provider in the industry of localization and language. We offer every one of our partners state-of-the-art visual and audio communication solutions. Our team of avid game enthusiasts, knowledgeable translators, experienced proofreaders, talented video editors and creative artists, make sure that adaptation to cultural norms enhances the fun of video gaming in each local market. At Arlation, a project manager is […]

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It’s simple, we are the masters of the second most difficult language in the world; Arabic. With our in-house efficient team’s “call of duty” on uncompromising and exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology, commitment to timelines, and years of comprehensive experience in the gaming and translation industry, you are guaranteed a first class product. Through our automated workflow, result-oriented procedures and policies, functionality validations and quality assurance, […]



In a world where language is expected to cross borders, subtitling with precision while capturing the essence, humor and style of the original dialogue is imperative. At Arlation, a leading subtitling company operating in the Middle East, we have subtitled millions of words covering different topics of documentaries, comedies, action-packed films, time-honored classics […]

Text Translation

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter — it’s the difference between lightning and a lightning bug” –Mark Twain The power of words cannot be undermined, in fact, and as Twain said, right words can change the world. It is this realization that drove us to cater to the needs of partners aiming at streamlining their […]

game localization

Game Localization

A winning game is a combination of a compelling storyline, thrilling music, flashy animations and engaging language. If one of these components is missing, the game is just not the same. At Arlation, we believe that it is imperative to provide accurate, consistent, clear and fun translations that conform to the cultural norms and nuances of each local market […]

Proof-Reading and Editing

Whether you are a game localizer with too many projects lined up, an acquisition manager with TV programming hours to QC, an author looking for a sharp critical eye to review your novel or play, a business professional wrapped in a tight schedule that does not allow you to proofread your presentations, press releases, white papers or reports, or a researcher with little time to […]

quality control testing

Quality Control & Testing

At Arlation, we take pride in being guardians of quality, not only at the last step, but throughout the localization process. This integral part of localization and translation is performed on three separate levels; linguistic testing, cosmetic testing and functionality testing. Linguistic Testing: This entails consistency of terminology throughout the files, accuracy of translation […]


An organization is capable of achieving higher consumer commitment, increasing potential growth, and leveraging on brand awareness and loyalty when communicating with relevant, useful and compelling content. The knowledge that we have accumulated over the years of market and corporate landscape has allowed us to master the intricacies of communicating […]


Arlation provides consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services in Arabic, English and French. Our interpreters are skilled linguists, who are briefed, well-read and subject matter specialists in various industries, such as medical, legal and academia. Our associates observe precision and speed in their interpretation, while mastering and practicing […]


At Arlation’s studios in Egypt and Jordan, the attention to detail and quality of work is unparalleled. The two language (Arabic/English) facilities focus on localizing a script’s dialogue from one language into another, every time, on time and on budget. Our vast experience covers TV series and films dubbing, marketing videos and spots, video games, animations […]

info-graphic videos

Info-Graphic Videos

If your organizations is keen on presenting concise data, clear statistics and vital information through fun and swift presentations, then info graphic videos are the perfect solution. Statistically, studies have demonstrated that animation, combined with colors, music and words is more effective at attracting attention than plain, monotone script. […]



At Arlation, we offer consultation on three main areas; Translation, TV post production services and Culture. *Translation At Arlation, our motivation to achieve excellence in the novel industry of digital entertainment and gaming is transferred to our clients. We offer comprehensive consulting services on game translation and localization that make it possible for companies […]


As a pioneer in localization, translation and subtitling, Arlation offers individuals and organizations innovative learning and development solutions tailored to suit their specific needs and requirements. The tailored one-on-one or group workshops are aimed to improve and enhance skill sets in: *Game translation *Arabic – English Subtitling *English – Arabic Subtitling *Copywriting […]


At Arlation, we firmly believe that human talent is invaluable to the success of any organization. We have a team of native speakers, passionate, talented, witty and resourceful professionals, who enjoy what they do and who won’t miss out on any fun.

We encourage diversity, thrive on innovation and embrace flexibility in all its forms. We believe in empowering our associates and encourage them to develop their individual skill sets through teamwork, access to interactive training, up-to-date courses and knowledge hubs, while enjoying a fun and friendly environment with competitive compensations.

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